Project Topics

If you are interested in any of the following projects, please email Dr Patrick Pang (see the homepage for my email address) to discuss further. Please attach your recent academic results in your email.

Health Service Providers in the Participatory Health Era: Current Research and Future Opportunities

Master Research Project (for MIS Health Students)

This project looks at how health services providers (such as hospitals and pathologists) use social media and online technologies to work with patients. It will be a systematic literature review to understand the current research, and then you will have to critically propose how we can use the technologies better. This is a conventional research-typed project which is suitable for MIS/MIT students in the Health specialisation.
Facilitators and Barriers of the Use of Consumer Research Portals

Master Research Project (for MIS Health Students)

Consumer research portals are websites that allow consumers to engage with research, get informed about the latest research results, and allow them to express their interests to participate in research. While this is a powerful tool to connect consumers with researchers, there are factors that make people willing (and not willing) to use such portals. You will conduct a comprehensive literature review of the current development of consumer research portals and how people use them. Then, you will perform the necessary data analysis and produce a report of findings.
The Use of Online Information in Parenting: Current Status and Future Opportunities

Master Research Project (for MIS Health Students)

This project will explore how parents currently use online information for their parenting tasks. The findings can reflect the lack of such information and services missing from the healthcare system, and therefore provide opportunities for reforming health policies, provisioning new services and adopting technologies to improve parent’s wellbeing. This study will involve a systematic literature review to survey how and why parent use online information instead of other formal sources. Also you will need critically propose the possibilities for using technologies to address parents’ needs.
Topic Modelling for Twitter Posts

Master Research Project

In this project you will identify topics hidden in a Twitter dataset. You will have to do some research on the latest existing topic modelling algorithms that are applicable on short text. Then, perform necessary data pre-processing and experiment these algorithms on the dataset. This project is good for students who have knowledge in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Web App for Timetable Scheduling

Master Software Development Project

This project is to build a web-based user interface for a timetable scheduling library. There is an open-source library to arrange a timetable based on classroom, teacher and time constraints, but it is hard for lay-user to input such data. Your goal is to build a web app for entering the data for scheduling a timetable, so that a lay-user can perform the scheduling by themselves. You need to use Python and Django as the backend, however, we are open to any front-end technologies to make the interface professional.