Available Topics

Innovative Touch-based Data Exploration App

MSc Project

You will need to build an app for lay-users to browse and explore data in a touch-based environment. This project consists of two parts. Firstly, you will need to transform multi-dimensional datasets to a lower number of dimensions, so that they can be processed by the normal human cognitive load. Then, you will need to implement a software prototype to allow users to interact with the data in a touch-based environment. You can choose to implement this project as either a web-based app (e.g. HTML+CSS+JavaScript) or a mobile app.
Machine Learning for Performance of High School Students

MSc/PhD Project

This project aims to generate a model for predicting the performance of students in a Macau high school. It would be a type of regression problem and you will need to investigate what machine learning algorithms are suitable for this task. You will need to experiment with different algorithms and compare their performance. If your results are very good, your findings will be used by high schools in Macau to improve students' performance.
Making Sense of Public Government Data

MSc/PhD Project

Natural Language Processing area. Please consult Dr. Pang for details.