Available Topics

Information for BSc Students

If you are looking for a topic for your Final Year Project, please have a look at the topics below labeled with "BSc Final Year Project". Then, email your selected topic to me. Usually there will be a short meeting to check if you are suitable for the topic.

Information for MSc and Prospective PhD Students

If you are looking for MSc/PhD supervision, please examine the list below and see if there is a relevant project or research direction that fits with your research interests. Then, email your research interests, CV and transcripts to me to discuss further.

Additionally, my colleagues at the Faculty of Applied Sciences offer a wide range of topics, for example, wireless networks, machine learning, data analytics, AI-driven drug discovery, applied mathematics, etc. You can find more information about their research interests on this web page if my projects do not suit you.

My email address is: (null) (emails without all required information may not get a reply)

P.S.: My computer has a problem displaying non-English words, so please send your email in English.

AI-based Text Mining with Medical Data
Digital Health Research
A Semantic Method to Measure Similarity of Textual Data
Natural Language Processing Research
Natural Language Processing for Cantonese Online Content
Natural Language Processing Research
Analysing Short Social Media Posts with Few Samples
Natural Language Processing Research
Chinese Word Tokenisation with Macao Data
Natural Language Processing Research
Making Sense of Public Government Data
AI & Society Research
Ethical, Equitable and Inclusive e-Government in Macao
AI & Society Research
This research is a multi-disciplinary project in the areas of policy formulation, public administration and information systems, which aims to reduce in the inequity in the implementation of e-Government projects.
How Do Non-local Residents Receive Emergency Messages in Macao? A Case Study
AI & Society Research
As a non-local residents (such as a student from other places), how do you learn about emergencies in Macao? Are there any lessons to learn? This research aims to answer these questions.