Information for Students

I am available to supervise high-achieving and self-motivated students who want to work on projects in my research areas. Students from different disciplines are welcome. Before you contact me, please do your homework:

  1. Learn about my research by reading through the list of my recent projects and some of my recent publications. You can also review the list of my current students to understand what we are doing at the moment.

  2. For Prospective PhD Students Only: Familiarise yourself with the entry requirements and application process at MPU. Make sure you read and prepare the other required documents as listed in the links below:
  3. Email your research interests, CV and transcripts to me.

Alternatively, my colleagues at the Faculty of Applied Sciences offer a wide range of topics, for example, wireless networks, machine learning, data analytics, AI-driven drug discovery, applied mathematics, etc. You can find more information about their research interests on this web page if my projects do not suit you.

My email address for prospective students is: (null)

Emails without all the required information may not get a reply. Students may consider that they have failed if there is no response from me within a month.

P.S.: My computer has a problem displaying non-English words, so please send your email in English.