Student List

Student Name Project Title Started Completed
PhD in Computer Applied Technology - Macao Polytechnic University
Weiming Shen TBC Sep 2022 current
Yufei Li Social Media Analysis for Identifying Vaccine Misinformation Sep 2022 current
Dang Li Medical Data Mining Sep 2022 current
Ka Ian Chan AI-based Education Data Mining Sep 2022 current
Master Dissertations - Macao Polytechnic University
Dashun Zheng Refining the General Framework of BERT with the Help of Discriminators Jun 2023 current
Shun Guo Semi-Automatic Long Text Retrieval System Based on Medical Papers Jun 2023 current
Yaofei Duan Incomplete Multimodal Medical Data for Breast Cancer Classification Jun 2023 current
Yunqing Jiang Use Literature Abstract to Investigate Natural Language Processing Applications in Governments Based on Topic Modeling Jun 2022 Jun 2023
Jiaxuan Li (Liam) Use Online Reviews to Investigate Patients' Attitude Changes before and during COVID-19 Based on Sentiment Analysis Jun 2022 Jun 2023
Ziyi Yang Sentiment Analysis of Online Reviews Based on Natural Language Processing Jun 2022 Jun 2023
Final Year Projects - Macao Polytechnic University
Chi Weng Kuok (Mia) Web-based Exploration of Movies Aug 2022 Jun 2023
Master Projects - University of Melbourne
Dading Zainul Gusti Parking Reminder App Jul 2019 Nov 2019
Kun Li (Jonathan) Topic Modelling on Forum Posts Jul 2019 Nov 2019
Zijie Shen Web App for Timetable Scheduling Jul 2019 Nov 2019
Huizhe Luo (Howard) Classifying the Main Health-related Concerns for Chinese Living in Australia Based on Chinese Social Media Posts (with Shanton Chang) Mar 2019 Jun 2019
Kaiyuan Wu Classifying Weibo Messages Based On People’s Health Information Needs (with Jianzhong Qi) Mar 2019 Jun 2019
Yiming Zhang Machine Learning for Fertility Prediction Mar 2019 Jun 2019
Zhichong Li Health-related Tweets Analysis with NoSQL Databases Jul 2018 Dec 2018
Linghan Zhou Classifying Chinese Weibo Posts into Health-related Categories (with Jianzhong Qi) Jul 2018 Nov 2018
University of Macau
Qi-Qiao He (Sammul) Transfer Learning for Time Series Forecasting (with Yain Whar Si) Jul 2018 Dec 2019
Li Sun (Luna) Data Mining for Public Health Microblog (with Yain Whar Si) Jul 2018 Dec 2019
Qizhou Sun (Gary) Visualising Crowdsourced Health Information (with Robert Biuk-Aghai) Jan 2018 Oct 2018